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AC Deflector Apparatus

ac deflector Casette

AC Deflector Apparatus Cassette Air Conditioner 70cm

Ac Deflector Apparatus Cassette Air Conditioner Air Conditioning  4-Way Blown 70 × 70 cm

It is an air conditioner air guide model produced according to the cassette type air conditioner apparatus, models,

outer dimensions of the air conditioner and filter cover dimensions.

These cassette type air conditioner air routers are cassette type air conditioners

produced for the purpose of easy filter maintenance by having the filter cover section empty.  You can find all our other products here.

The most widely used sizes of cassette air conditioners are; It is 65 × 65 – 70 × 70 – 95x95cm. Apparatus are available according to all these dimensions. It will be to take the measurements of the air conditioners of those who want to order from outside and to order the product sold according to this measure.

It is made with 4 mounting apparatus to the air conditioner. Connected points correspond to the corners of the air conditioner. In this section, there is no damage to the air conditioner as there is no component of the air conditioner. The installation is quite simple and is done in about 1 or 2 minutes.


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