Don’t be sick anymore Protect yourself with air deftector

We dreamed and redesigned the comfort of your air conditioner for your health…

Our apparatus is a system that prevents people from being damaged by air conditioning today. Klimalık is an air conditioning apparatus produced only by our company in Turkey.

Air Conditioning Models
Our company produces different types of air conditioner apparatuses suitable for different models day by day. Although our research on this subject continues, five types of air conditioner apparatus are produced in our company.

For Split Type Air Conditioner
For Cassette Type Air Conditioner
For Culvert Type Air Conditioner
For Hall Type Air Conditioner
For Floor Type Air Conditioner

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning?
It prevents the air coming out of the air conditioner from coming directly to people.
It directs the air to the ceiling.
It prevents the formation of diseases that may occur due to air conditioning.
Since there is no headache, it allows you to be more peaceful or work more peacefully in your environment (at home, in the office, at work).
You can safely buy and use the air conditioner apparatus that has such important effects.